About us

We are Bealtaine, an Irish literary and arts magazine with a keen focus on all things intersectional, inclusive, environmental, and empowering. We publish excellent, high-quality stories, poetry, op-eds, essays, and interviews, with photographs and art imbued with intimacy to create a magazine that delivers a visually stunning ensemble.

Bealtaine is a small independent magazine established in the summer of 2020. The idea was borne out of the minds of Seán Flynn and Molly O’Connor after one too many nights doomscrolling through the heavy and negative space that came to dominate the internet during the global pandemic. The start of the pandemic was a difficult time for the community; the pair saw it as a great opportunity do something positive by bringing artists together and creating a fresh, accessible platform. And so, Bealtaine was born. From there, Bealtaine’s team grew to include a close-knit group of friends and family members who have a grá for the arts.

We prize the values which go into making art for art’s sake. And we would like that to shine through. Whether it’s scribbling or philosophical musings, we want to hear your voice out.

We are based in Co. Cork, Ireland.

Our Goal

Bealtaine aims to be a space in which voices can speak freely without fear, a store of differing views that can act like a rebuttal to the sometimes confusing, irreverent world we live in. We welcome submissions from artists of all backgrounds and nationalities and would be particularly interested in submissions from people who are from underrepresented or minority groups, BIPOC, Traveller, or working class backgrounds, and of all ages. We make it our mission to deliver the very best of Irish writing and art, which can strike us with unmistakable urgency, statement, and sentiment.

We take submissions from all over the world, but we especially value submissions which can capture the modern Irish verve. We’re looking for submissions from people who are unafraid to push the boundaries of art, and in return we will endeavour to give your voice a home.

Welcome to Bealtaine!

How to Submit

Email us your submissions at submissions@bealtainemag.ie.

A person can submit in each category but the following guidelines apply per submitter in any given round:

For short stories: we can only accept 1 written piece of fiction up to 5,000 words maximum.

For poems: we can only accept up to 3 poems of no more than 50 lines each.

For essays: we can only accept 1 written essay of up to 1,500 words maximum.

Photographs and artwork: we can only accept up to 8 pieces of photography or art from submitters at any given time. Please also ensure that your work is in high resolution digital format from one of the following file type: JPG., PNG., SVG., PDF.

We are currently accepting submissions for Issue 2. Read more here about Issue 2’s theme of (un)belonging!

Please note we cannot accept simultaneous submissions or a piece of writing or art that has appeared in a major publication in the past. Doing so would take content away from those publications. Anything from an artist’s or author’s own website, blog, or social media is acceptable.

Due to the high volume of submissions in any given submissions round we won’t be able to provide individual feedback for each submission.

For those who wish to remain anonymous or appear under a pseudonym, we would appreciate if submitters would provide their details to the editors for traceability and authenticity reasons, after which we would be delighted to publish them anonymously to respect that person’s right to privacy.

All work must be original work of the author or artist.

After publication, copyright remains with the author or artist.

If you would like to get in contact with the team or have any general queries, please email info@bealtainemag.ie.

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