1. Poetry

    No dead thing rises from this tomb: /
    life itself comes pouring out

  2. Poetry

    On top of the mountain, above the clouds, we lay back on the picnic benches.

  3. Poetry

    Your sleeping is fitful, little red gums / Inflamed with the pain you can’t say.

  4. Poetry

    We reminded the house /
    of the swamp, of hidden things, /
    of war and jungle beasts

  5. Poetry

    Lighting up the room,
    Their face upon a screen

  6. Poetry

    The boreens tangle in themselves dividing up the land

  7. Poetry

    we did the dance /
    you know the one

  8. Poetry

    we can still sway /
    despite the crosses we’re born to bear

  9. Poetry

    I saw a word and fell in love /
    Thinking, that is me, I’ve found /
    It, the thing to define me

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