Arriving at night

Issue 1

Donegal, 2018

The morning light gave birth to rambling stone rows
Grown out of the drumlins laden with auburn stray sod.
Pasture only meant for grazing eye and timid ewes,
Venturing higher to the summits lost in fog.

The boreens tangle in themselves dividing up the land,
Flowing to testaments standing to the test of time.
On a clearer day, is a canvas untouched by hand,
While the Atlantic roars over the seabirds whine.

A Celtic lilt of the native tongue colours the air of the room
And a swell of the bow slips in between tattle.
A haven of rumination awry in its loom.
A doldrum of the mind for no gale to battle.

Calvin McManus

Calvin McManus is a graduate of Applied Music at Dundalk Institute of Technology. He has spent the last five years in Dundalk within the music scene performing, writing and teaching music. He is currently a member of independent Irish band ‘Priorland’ to which he devotes his songwriting and performance energies. He currently lives in Co. Cavan.