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Since the now widely reported discovery of Stile 13, speculation has grown as to why the gateway remained unseen for so long. Why was it not found earlier when it was apparently – as one prominent academic put it – “hidden in plain view”? And when it was eventually found, how did the phenomenon that is the enigmatic gateway spread so rapidly?

Of late the hypothesis that’s gaining most support is that the Stile only appeared when it was ready to do so. This argument asserts that as normal rules don’t apply when one is dealing with portals to different dimensions or parallel universes, then the gateway wasn’t necessarily hidden, but just wasn’t there…until it was.

The location of the Stile is said to be ever changing. In the early days of the phenomena, it was thought that ‘The Gateway’, was located solely at Croke Park Gaelic grounds in Dublin, Ireland. However, reports of similar ‘Passing Through’ experiences soon began to filter in from other locations around the globe.

An example of one of these Gateways is located in a remote mountain region of southern Peru. Known as the “Doorway of Aramu Muru” it is purported to be a passageway to another dimension. It stands near the border with Bolivia on Lake Titicaca where Inca legend says life was first created on Earth.

Some travellers to the Peruvian site have talked about their experiences of falling through the doorway and travelling to another dimension. One such person, whom we’ll call Jerry as that is his name, said, “My experience here has been fantastic! I have actually been through the doorway, and I’ve travelled to another dimension.” His first words on his return were, “‘I’m back”. Some doubt Jerry’s story, but those who witnessed his disappearance and re-emergence have no such doubts. His wife was one of those witnesses. She described how she had seen her husband vanish.

“One moment he was there and the next he seemed to fade away. I was afraid he might not come back. When he did come back he looked the same…but I knew he was different. It was like he knew things, big things, things he could not tell me of…no matter how much I asked him.”   

So should we be actively on the look out for our own Stile 13 opportunity…no matter where in the world we are? Should we welcome the chance to step through and discover for ourselves what Jerry knows?

The debates around these questions have become quite heated. Those against have railed and argued that we should all be content to stay in our own dimension and that those who have stepped across should get back to their own parallel universe. This has been described as the newest trend in racism and has attracted a lot of vocal and enthusiastic right-wing attention. Of course the difficulty in identifying who to aim their abuse at has caused an amount of aggravation and frustration for them. Several cities and towns around the world have recently experienced protests and marches by these groups, with attendees carrying banners and placards with slogans such as, “There’s no parallel like this parallel”, “13, unlucky for some”, and a very common one, “Get back to yer own universe.”

A support group for involuntary dimension travellers called “Accidental Parallelism” has recently produced a best selling pocket book called “That’s the Stile”. This handy volume points out some of the key indicators we should look for that would imply one has already had a passing through event that we may not even be aware of. It encourages people to always be prepared with its central speculation stating: “if we are not open to the possibility of having an involuntary crossing experience, then this can lead us to a place where we can make little sense of the world we find ourselves in.”

Some of the most common signs this invaluable tome tell us to look out for is a strong feeling of being disconnected, regular feelings of déjà vu, disbelief in some of the things we see going on in the world and an unwillingness to accept the authenticity of the things that surround us. If you find yourself saying things like…”It’s a different world we’re living in today”; “things shouldn’t be like this”; or maybe, “how did that gobshite get to be president”, then there is a very real chance that you are actually living in an alternate reality, where the rules that govern normal society have been distorted, and in some cases done away with completely.

Of course realisation of the possibility of having an inadvertent crossing over experience can be very frightening for some and can cause huge anxiety. Conventional therapies put in place to deal with this tend to go down the line of trying to convince an affected individual that there is no such thing as Stile 13, and that the world they find themselves in is actually the only one available. This has brought succour to some, but has also upset others, some of whom have gone on to develop a new syndrome called “Single Dimension Claustrophobia”.

The symptoms of this condition include a fear of conventional therapists and also an uncontrollable compulsion to jump through random gateways and doors.

To counter the narrow view of conventional therapists, a confidential telephone service has recently been set up called “Parallel Lines.” The service has proven to be a huge success, with the organisers saying they are finding it hard to cater for the volume of callers they’re getting.

The CEO of the service – herself a committed paralleler – in a recent interview said: “People tell us the world’s your oyster…but what if you’re hungry? One oyster isn’t going to do it for you…is it? So why should we settle for one world?”

Her arguments have been gaining traction with sales of their “I want more Oysters” tee-shirts proving particularly popular.

Some of those who claim to have definitely passed through Stile 13 have become quite vocal and public in their defence of the physical existence of the gateways. This has led to a degree of celebrity status with appearances on talk shows, debates and other platforms becoming quite common. Reality television has also gotten in on the act with excitement building in particular about the upcoming shows, “I’m my own parallel person” and “I’m a Stile 13er, get me out of here”, where rumour has it that Jerry from Peru will be one of guests.

A Documentary called I’ve Met Myself Coming Back, all about the travails of a woman called Mary who claims to have actually met some of her parallel selves, has recently won the academy’s special achievement award. Her acceptance speech largely consisted of her thanking herself and wishing that her other selves could be here to witness this great honour. She accepted the award on her own behalves.

Veteran Stile 13ers Evangelina and Rebel West, whose names happen to be an anagram of “well it’s been average”, are leading the charge to find what they describe as “The Perfect Parallel”. The premise that they have become spokespeople for rationalises that if infinite possible worlds exist, then a perfect world where everything is in harmony and balance has to be out there. The pair have run several well attended seminars on the subject under headings such as, “Dimension Ascension” and “You don’t have to be perfect to be unparalleled”. Their gatherings have been attracting a growing number of people, but the fact that one person’s idea of perfection may not equate to anyone else’s has tended to dominate discussions.

In a recent television interview Evangelina and Rebel were questioned about cross dimensional living; “Look, it’s a simple as this,” answered Rebel – who was wearing an “I want more Oysters” tee shirt – “If you want to live in this world…then live in it. Settle in…commit. I’ve been through many gateways, and you wouldn’t believe the state of some of the dimensions I’ve seen. Who knows, faults and all, this might actually be your perfect world.”

“But,” interjected Evangelina, “if you feel that this parallel might not be right for you, and maybe you’ve even been indulging in a bit of crossover behaviour; a foot in many camps so to speak…then I’d suggest it’s time to start looking for your own Stile 13. When you find it, then, if you’re brave enough, all you have to do is take that step.”

So is Stile 13 for you? Would you like to expand beyond your familiar horizons? Does the idea of stepping through a portal to a different dimension excite you? Well… irrespective of whether you believe in its existence or not…Stile 13 will present itself to you, possibly on several occasions within your lifetime…maybe not in gate form…but it will present itself. All you have to do is leave yourself open to recognising it, and when you do…well, the choices are yours.

Ger O’Malley

Ger O’Malley is originally from Dublin but now lives in a railway cottage near Miltown Malbay in west Clare. He has always been an avid reader, and finds the thought-provoking aspect of a tantalisingly good story which lingers with you long after you’ve finished reading it to be one of the most motivating reasons to write. He has co-written a play called Stages, been writing songs for thirty years, and is currently developing a film idea around a story of mythological Ireland.

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